Love You Later 4/6

Just before I get the pure bliss of seeing springtime in North America bloom in a blur through the bus windows, singin for you all with Andrew McMahon, Allen Stone and Bob Oxblood, I have one of many beginnings from my new record to share with you. It's a song that, like much of the record...

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Michael Poorman
"I forgot who I am, and I'm making it up."

Today I am a strange spiral, sitting in a Phoenix hotel lobby sipping strong coffee and staring off into space. With my Silver Lake square on Sunset suddenly stripped of all the trappings of home and my brown baby grand, keeper of so many secrets and stirrer of so many spirits, on its way to its next adventure, I find myself spinning, gathering speed, ready to slingshot into a future beyond speculation. 

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"Settle down, son, before you fuck somethin' else up."

In an instant world, I often find myself in need of apologizing for my stone-age speed. A good friend, seemingly long-lost, recently referred to me as a ghost and it’s quite clear how easy it is for me to disappear. But I am here, though I’ve found it hard to speak up much lately. Truth is I’ve just spent too much time trying to figure out which “now” to live in.

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