Love You Later 4/6

Just before I get the pure bliss of seeing springtime in North America bloom in a blur through the bus windows, singin for you all with Andrew McMahon, Allen Stone and Bob Oxblood, I have one of many beginnings from my new record to share with you. It's a song that, like much of the record, seemed to need to bounce all around the world before it found itself finished, and it's served me as a mantra for letting go of the love I've wanted most in the moment in favor of the love I must trust we'll all find when the time is truly right- when the moon is full. It's called Love You Later - it's a howl at the full moon into the spring from a dark desert winter and a love letter to the next magic you're meant to meet, and it'll be out on Spotify & more 4/6, with a limited edition 7" available on the spring tour.

Michael Poorman