I am Zac Clark // Self-Titled Album out 8.31.18

I am Zac Clark. I've been dancing around this fact for a great many years now, since I first started making records in my basement with a computer microphone taped to the ceiling and a demo version of some sort of illegally downloaded recording software, documenting my days with drums that sounded at best like trash cans and whatever other instruments I could kind of wrap my mind around in constant pursuit of a song in my head. It's easier always to make the music than it is to share it, and it's easier to be yourself than to truly reveal that self to your closest friends, let alone the many people you briefly meet while exploring the world. So for a long time when someone asked what my band was called, I'd have a clever name at the ready, or I'd simply defer to the band I was playing in at the time, leaving the songs that spoke for me sitting somewhere in the background. I'd put out records quietly and play shows when I found a minute. Now that it's time to put out my newest collection of songs, stolen moments from the last few years wandering the world with my Wilderness comrades, it feels more than ever like the time to remind myself and everyone I meet- I have been Young Volcanoes, and I will always be a guest, and at the same time, above all else, I am Zac Clark. So this new record has no clever name, no phrase to stand in for what it contains, it simply is who I've been and who I am, with my best friends all around, their sounds and their spirits in every second. It'll be out 8/31 and available for pre-order this Friday 7/6 along with another brand new song, as well as for sale on tour for those of you coming out to our summer shows, as a way of saying thank you for joining us right from the start. Here's to a beginning among beginnings, to all of us becoming more ourselves with every breath.


ZAC CLARK // out 8.31.18

1. Postcard From Your Lovable Stoner Boyfriend

2. California

3. Love You Later

4. I Know That You're the One

5. Dennis Rodman

6. Little Sparrow / 10,000 Ft. Tall

7. Simple Touch

8. Most of My Angels

9. (Even if You're Not) My Girl

10. Show Me Your Love

11. We Don't Have to Dance

12. Mountains

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